Health Information and Monitoring System (HIMS)

HIMS is a live showcase system designed to manage web based medical interventions for chronic diseases. Quite simply, HIMS has been designed to help patients with chronic disease as well as promoting the HIMS framework.

How to get involved?

HIMS allows patients to be involved in their own care, giving access to personally tailored, medical advice and reporting.

I am a patient with a chronic condition needing support
I am a healthcare practitioner wishing to support a patient

I am a healthcare professional or researcher interested in HIMS

Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases are diseases of long duration and generally slow progression. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, are by far the leading cause of mortality in the world, representing 63%[1] of all deaths.

Good chronic disease management offers real opportunities for improvements in patient care and service quality, and reductions in costs.

The case for chronic disease management using HIMS

Effective chronic disease [2] management can make a real difference, helping to prevent crises and deterioration, and enabling people living with chronic conditions to attain the best possible quality of life.

Interested in using Web Based Medical Intervention Solutions?

The HIMS solution is also available for practitioners, researchers and health providers who wish to develop web based interventions.


[1] World Health Organization (WHO) Noncommunicable diseases Action Plan
[2] The terms chronic disease, chronic condition, life-long disease/condition, long-term disease / condition and non-communicable disease/condition are commonly all used interchangeably


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