HIMS Health Tracks

Packed with informative health based content, HIMS Health Tracks are designed by practitioners and health care professionals, specifically to support patients with chronic disease.

Health Tracks provide a structured process for patients to engage with, what can sometimes be overwhelming, clinical information. They provide patients with validated and trusted content, relevant to their particular chronic condition.

Each Health Track contains a range of Health Activities, these are designed to:

Provide factual and relevant medical information
Provide a defined process to assist medical information assimilation
Provide information engagement feedback to patients and practitioners
Help patients to understand and manage their condition
Support the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of patients
Involve patients in their own care

Each Health Activity contains dynamic content such as text, images, animations, audio, video, questions, downloads, links and much more. Health Tracks and Health Activities can be created quickly and easily by practitioners and health care professionals.

Effective chronic disease management can make a real difference, helping to prevent crises and deterioration, and enabling people living with chronic conditions to attain the best possible quality of life.

The HIMS solution is now available for practitioners, researchers and health providers who wish to develop web based interventions.

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