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The HIMS framework has been used in a broad range of healthcare settings and variants of the HIMS solution are available for practitioners, researchers and health providers who wish to develop web based medical interventions.

Interested in using Web Based Medical Intervention Solutions?

Patient self-management has increasingly become recognised as an important strategy with which to improve quality of care. The HIMS framework can be adapted to support most medical projects or clinical research requirements. By using the HIMS framework, practitioners and researchers can quickly assemble and distribute web-based content and conduct interactive health monitoring on-line.

Our Web Based Medical Intervention Solutions have a range of key advantages, in that they:

Can provide targeted health information
Can support a range of health monitoring processes
Can be used for health research projects
Can be implemented quickly and easily
Are fully adaptable and can be fully branded to an organisation
Are extremely cost effective and fit most budgets
Are based on open web standards (LAMP)
Are securely hosted, managed and supported

Interested in developing Web Based Health Content?

Health content can provide a structured process for patients to engage with, what can sometimes be overwhelming, clinical information. They provide patients with validated and trusted content, relevant to their particular chronic condition.

The Evolving People team can provide advice and cross-platform technical assistance with the development and evaluation of health based content. Our specialists are committed to transforming patient and practitioner support through the use of web based technology.

Using the HIMS framework, practitioners and researchers can quickly distribute web-based medical content and conduct interactive health monitoring on-line. If you would like to discuss the development of a Web Based Medical Intervention or Web Based Health Content of any kind, please contact us using the form below:

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