Online Health and Wellness Solutions

HIMS Health Tracks provide a structured process for patients to engage with, what can sometimes be overwhelming, clinical information. They provide patients with validated and trusted content, relevant to their particular chronic condition. HIMS allows practitioners to construct and provide cost effective, online health and wellness services.

Each Health Activity can contain dynamic content such as text, images, animations, audio, video, questions, downloads, links and much more. Health Tracks and Health Activities can be created quickly and easily by practitioners and health care professionals.

Increase Health Care Service Capacity

The Health Information and Monitoring System (HIMS) Framework can be branded and customised to the needs of any healthcare provider. Designed as a scalable, multi device solution, practitioners can provide an online service that keeps patients and clients engaged as well as motivated throughout their intervention.

Regardless of the type of health support intervention, practitioners can increase their service capacity, by utilising inbuilt on-line associations that sustain multiple relationships through the framework.

Tools for Researchers

Web-based medical interventions have the potential to be a transformational technology in the management of health and wellness services, delivering self-management to large numbers of people with fewer human resources.

The Health Information and Monitoring System (HIMS) provides researchers and academics with a framework, and a feature rich set of tools, that can be used to assess any number or type of intervention techniques.

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